2nd Annual #creativeHEjam – Creativity in Quarantine

The time for our second #creativeHEjam is approaching and how different it is this year! This year’s jam is curated by our colleagues in UCLan. We would like to get together remotely and celebrate resourcefulness and creativity in supporting students’ learning in times of adversity.

Book your place on the live #creativeHEjam here

Outline Programme

12 June 2020, 12:00-14:00 Join us live online for a practice sharing marketplace

15-18 June 2020 Join in asynchronously (whenever suits you) with our daily discussion and short creative challenge

19 June 2020, 12:00-14:00 Join us live online to reflect on your #creativeHEjam experience and discuss the future of a new normal in facilitating learning

You can join us for one element of the jam or jump in and experience the whole festival, the choice is yours!

Call for Contributions

We would love for you to share your lockdown story via the marketplace on 12 June. 15 minute slots will be allocated to contributors and it is completely up to you how you would like to use that time! Perhaps you would like to talk through your experience via an object or presentation. You could share what has gone well for you during lockdown, or what has gone wrong! Maybe you would like to lead a debate or demonstrate an activity or perhaps you have an idea that you would value feedback on. This is your space to share practice and learn from the collective #creativeHE community.

Submit your contribution idea here before 31 May

Remember to use the #creativeHE hashtag on Twitter or you can share via our Facebook group. Together, we will reflect on how creativity under extreme conditions is transforming the way we work and learn. There will be multiple opportunities to share your ideas and practices and connect with colleagues and students from across the UK and beyond. 

The #creativeHEjam team

Anna, Emma, Chrissi, Neil, Sandra, Norman, Alex, Rachelle and Hannah

#creativeHE team
#creativeHE core team
#creativeHE community

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