Let’s Dance! Play that funky music to facilitate learning

8 February 12:30-14:00, UK time

Our first meetup of 2022 (eek!) is hosted by Emma Gillaspy @egillaspy & Sandra Sinfield @Danceswithcloud. The first 30 minutes of the event features music-focussed social time for getting to know each other, group problem solving and ‘off piste’ discussions – and then we launch into a lively discussion and activities to help us harness music in our teaching! 

Post-event update…

Recording of the plenary elements of the session:

Jamboard with resources, tips and posts shared during the event

Dave’s music session overview and full paper: Fascinatin’ Rhythm – tapping into themes in leadership through the creation of improvised music

Further reading that may be helpful (also see original blogpost below for more ideas):

Initial blog post

If your teaching were a music style

In this first #creativeHE of 2022 we are exploring the use of music and music-based activities to facilitate powerful learning in the classroom. The session will include examples of creative practice – with input from practitioners who have used music in innovative and dynamic ways – and of course we will be asking participants to share their own stories of music-informed practice.  

You hum it…

One of the few memorable assessments undertaken at university (a very long time ago for some of us!) was a first year discursive essay, where we had to find a song that represented our subject to us. In Education Studies it was Lennon’s Working Class Hero, of course, and also Little Boxes (originally by Malvina Reynolds and by Pete Seeger):

And the people in the houses

All went to the university

Where they were put in boxes

And they came out all the same

And there’s doctors and lawyers

And business executives

And they’re all made out of ticky tacky

And they all look just the same

And they all play on the golf course

And drink their martinis dry

And they all have pretty children

And the children go to school

And the children go to summer camp

And then to the university

Where they are put in boxes

And they come out all the same…

Little Boxes lyrics

Of course – that was written decades ago – so no relevance now – no none at all. But still, in this world, Malvina Reynolds really didn’t mind failing!

Ticky tacky teaching?

Given the power of that song, it is no surprise that Sarah Honeychurch’s use of the same one in her powerful blog post on ‘feedback’ caught our eye:  http://www.nomadwarmachine.co.uk/2017/12/02/ticky-tacky-feedback/ … and seeded several music inspired sessions of our own.

Dance and sing…

And if you haven’t already shared Dance your PhD (and even if you have) – have a look at the Social Science winner: Movements as a Door for Learning Physics Concepts. It’s embodied! Who knew?

Music can be used as another powerful way to celebrate and engage others in your work. Check out the Acapella Science to see examples of creative expression to engage others with science:

Experience first – signify later!

From ‘ticky tacky’ feedback to Dance your PhD, music provokes powerful responses – creating ‘emergent’ activities and thoughtful and emotional engagement. The hope of this webinar is to capture the power and excitement of the way that we use music in our own practices right now.

See – and hear – you at the webinar!!!


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